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Imperial Stock Ranch and Anna Cohen have come together to create a line of designer women’s apparel made from wool grown on the Imperial Stock Ranch. From ranch to runway, the Imperial Collection bridges rural heritage and urban style, traditional craft and high fashion. Manufactured from start to finish in the USA, the Imperial Collection will be available in Fall 2014.

Anna Cohen was trained in International Fashion Design in New York and Italy, and went on to design for some of the top designers in the industry. A pioneer in sustainable fashion, Anna launched her namesake collection in 2005 to critical acclaim, garnering awards and press in the United States and abroad. She began working with the Imperial Stock Ranch in 2008, helping to develop wool yarns, knit and woven textiles, and the forthcoming Imperial Collection.

Established in 1871, the Imperial Stock Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in Oregon’s beautiful high desert. Once the largest individually owned land and stock holding in Oregon, the ranch today is home to elk, deer, antelope, game birds and fish. The ranch raises sheep and cattle, grows hay and grains, and produces 100% domestic wool yarn. A leader in stewardship and land management practices, the ranch is recognized as a model of sustainable agriculture.